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Feed Concentrate

Hello Sir,

What is the best Concentrate Feed that is Available in Market? What is the Price for the same?


Thank You

Re: Concentrate Feed

Dear Sir, 

If you are in Gujarat, please visit following link and contact:


You can choose "BIS type - I " concentrate feed.


Puneet Kanwar
Concentrate feed

which cattle feed is best for HF cow of 20+ ltr milk yield.

any idea about Cargill and Patanjali feed, which one is best

You can use BIS type I

You can use BIS type I compound cattle feed (22 % protein).

link for reading: http://www.dairyknowledge.in/sites/default/files/compound_cattle_feed-en...



You can use BIS type I

sir, only this bis type 1 is sufficient or we have to add any other things like cotton seed cake or tur chuni or maize flour? or all of these with consantration?
tondon sir I want to talk with you. in hindi or gujarati. plz. my cell no. 9904769497.

BIS Type I (22 % CP)

Yes only BIS type I (22 % CP) feed is sufficient for the animal. Plus Green fodder 15 to 20 kg, Dry fodder straw 4 kg.

However to lower your cost you can add few other concentrates like maize grain, Chunni, cake, etc. if available locally or home grown.  

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