Vimladevi - cow nothing less than a family member

Farmer: Vimladevi

Place: Village-Nayeegujari, Tq-Ghadsana, Dist-Sriganganagar, State-Rajasthan

Enterprise: dairying (1Cow)

Employees: Self

Time in dairying: 25 years

Property: 1. Land owned: 3.5 acres

                 2. Livestock owned: 1 cow, 1 calf, 1 bull

Family Members: 3 (self, son & daughter in law)

Vimladevi widow and a mother of 3 children started dairying 25 years back by purchasing 4 cows. Initially she purchased 1 cow using the money borrowed from her brother and started selling the milk. Using the income generated out of the milk sales she purchased another 2 cows one of them having 1 calf. She used to sell the milk in nearby village (Rawala) which was located 2 km away from her native village. She has to sell milk in another village as there was no dairy available in Nayeegujari. Vimladevi’s son used to help her in carrying milk to the dairy. After 4 years of stint with dairying she sold out 2 of her ageing cows for Rs.2000/- & borrowed another Rs-1000/- to purchase cart. She purchased the 1 bull cart specially to bring fodder from her farm for animals as it was 10 km away from home.

In 1999 dairy cooperative society started in her village & she became a member of it. On the very first day she poured 8 liter milk & still continuing with society till date. Now she is living alone as her son has parted away from her she is rearing only one cow. Last year she poured average 15 lit/day milk in society. When asked what dairying has given her she says confidently & calmly marriage of 2 girls & decent life. She says humoursly that her cows looked after her family even though she lost her dearest one so early in her married life.