• Disease is caused by toxins produced by mold (fungus) that grows on feed (eg.ground nut cake, maize etc) and stored fodder that is damp. Also known as “Degnala” disease in cattle & buffaloes.
  • The toxins can occur in concentrations high enough to cause major losses in health and performance of the animal.
  • The economic impact of reduced productivity is many times the impact caused by fatalities. Milk production may drop by more than 15%.



  • Gradual loss of appetite and body condition, intermittent diarrhoea may be seen.
  • Alopecia, sloughing of extremities like tail and ear.
  • Gangrenous lesions on foot.
  • High producers may show symptoms first.
  • Reduction in feed consumption, reduced fertility, abortions, weight loss, increased occurrence of ketosis, Retention of Placenta (ROP), metritis, mastitis and other dis­eases due to lowered immunity.



  •  Avoid feeding dry fodder that is or has been damp and is obviously moldy and also avoid feeding feed ingredients with fungus.
  •  Provide adequate mineral mixture supplements and green fodder.
  •  Consult a veterinarian immediately on observing any of the above symptoms.


                             Avoid feeding moldy straw and feed–prevent aflatoxicosis