• Occurs in lactating animals usually during the first 2 months of lactation.
  • Initially there is slight decrease in feed intake, drop in milk production, lethargy and firm mucous covered dung.
  • As disease  progresses,  there is marked weight loss, pica (animal seeks course materials), humped-back posture. Some even show frenzy and aggression.
  • Compulsive licking of mangers,  bodies,  head and nose pressing,  chewing bellowing may occur.
  • Walking may be abnormal with staggering, circling and falling.
  • If untreated, milk production decreases to an insignificant amount.
  • Once a cow develops the condition, it is likely to recur in succeeding lactations.



  • Proper feeding during late lactation and dry period.
  • Body score at calving should be 3.5 on a 5 point scale.(see chapter on signs of health)
  • Sudden change of  feed /overfeeding should be avoided.
  • Conditions like ROP, metritis, mastitis, environmental stress  etc should be managed properly.
  • Contact a veterinarian when above symptoms are seen.


Timely treatment will save your animal