• Occurs due to low magnesium levels in blood, adult lactating animals are most susceptible. May occur in calves also.
  • Normal animal suddenly throws up its head, bellow, gallop and fall exhibiting severe paddling convulsions which are repeated in short intervals.
  • In milder cases animal walks stiffly, is hypersensitive to touch and sound, urinates frequently and may progress to convulsive stage after 2-3 days.
  • Often occurs along with hypocalcaemia. Untreated animals will die.
  • Soils fertilized with potash and nitrogen are high risk areas.



  • Provide Magnesium oxide @ around 50 g per day to animals at risk.
  • Contact veterinarian immediately if symptoms are seen, animals respond to therapy instantly. May relapse after 1-2 days which require further treatment.


                                                Timely treatment will save your animal